Green Graphics

In Design ActivismFuad-Luke points out that graphic designers have lagged behind other creative professionals in their adaptation to green design. One of our main issues is that we are employed to produce marketing material to sell something – maybe something that you don’t want, and probably don’t need. In simplistic terms, this is different to the architect where the client does want and need a home. I had that a-ha moment recently when I almost came home with a beautifully designed, packaged and copywritten bottle of… cordial. I don’t drink cordial.

One of the aspects of new media that really excites me is the possibility for green graphic design: promotion with minimal ecological footprint. I wrote this year on my SarahHeathDesign blog about the crazy Dubsmash web platform and what happened when the public got hold of it. Dubsmashing could be a fun promotion tool (for the right product and demographic) without printing promotional material, and an aspect of Green Graphics.

We still have to sell the cordial, but maybe we can include an idea on the bottle’s second life, a way to reuse and upcycle. A way to be green.

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