Found objects

20160221_063827Drawing and painting I can do, but sculpture is a bit of a mystery to me. Recently I have been introduced to Ghanian, El Anatsui who designs shimmering artworks out of metal bottle tops, mostly from alcoholic drinks. I also have rediscovered Swiss-born Romanowski who creates rich assemblages from found objects. He says in Hunt and Gather: Discovering New Art, “I enjoy found object work because it’s the ultimate in recycling and I enjoy taking someone’s trash and making something interesting out of it.”

I am happy with creating two dimensional works, with years of graphic design honing that skill – and the media is so convenient: if I feel inspired, I can grab a sketchbook and some pencils, or paint from a tube. If I run out, I can buy more the next day (I live in a city). But these two artists must spend months/years collecting enough of their medium to begin and complete their work. In Romanowski’s works above (untitled), there are the everyday objects of cutlery, shoe and timber offcuts, to more difficult-to-find items such as old sheers, cleaver, sculptures, games and countless unidentifiable objects. Although his work is only viewed from the front, and more like a bas relief, I still find it difficult to imagine the designing of the piece when you rely on the pieces you find. I would love to hear about the process. Perhaps similar to one of the grandfathers of mixed media, expressionist Robert Rauschenberg. A total fave.

My Lego letterbox is my first sculptural piece from objets trouvés. Not quite art but creative nevertheless, and more designed than spontaneously combined. Not quite Rauschenberg, but a piece I will enjoy using each day when I collect my mail.


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